Welcome to DIYInvesting.co.nz. This site has been set up as a resource for kiwis to take a more hands-on approach to saving, investing, and spending in retirement.

About me. My name is Hamish MacInnes. I have a strong interest in the field of personal finance. I completed a BCom in Finance and Taxation at the University of Auckland a few years ago, however I don’t currently work in the industry.

My main area of interest in creating this site is a place where savers and retirees can learn about investment decision-making, Kiwisaver, self-directed brokerage accounts, and any other tools necessary for the DIY Investor.

This site does not offer financial advice. Because I am not an Authorised Financial Advisor, legally I cannot. I can still offer educational information to help those wanting to learn and make decisions themselves.

For now, I’ll give a bit of my investing philosophy. I am not a fan of expensive managed funds. I much prefer and believe the best diversification and long-term returns can be obtained through low-cost index funds. I am also not opposed to investing in individual shares, but I do so with some limits. I am not opposed to investing in property (real estate),  but I do think that many Kiwis have too much allocated to this category.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope we will all learn something new here.

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